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Mana Consulting

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Consulting Areas

Australian Migration Visas

Our Migration Agents can help with any type of Australian visa applications onshore or overseas.

MARN: 0963746

Management Consultant

SME - general management, strategies and planning.

MIMC (Institute of Management Consultant)

Project Management

We can assist with any projects in the capacity of a Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Program Manager, Project administrator or work as a Site Manager.

MAIPM (Australian Institute of Project Management.)


We can source, supply and install small jobs in the workplace or in homes.

Chartered Chemist

Consultations in areas of Laboratory Management, Technical Services, Quality Assurance/ Control, R&D, general chemistry and hygiene.

Chartered Chemist
MRACI CChem (Royal Australian Chemical Institute)

Mental Health & Psychology Services

Mental health counselling and general issues.

Dr Jenny Tohotoa PhD,

Mel Knight Psychologist (Art Psychology)

About the Company

Mana Consulting was established in 2005 and is a multidisciplinary service delivery company in Australia with its head office in Perth, Western Australia.

We offer a number of services for companies as well as individuals in the following areas:

  • Australian Migration Visas
  • Project Management
  • Management Consulting
  • Contracting
  • Chemistry – industrial; laboratory; R&D
  • Counselling in Mental Health & Psychology areas.

Mana Consulting

Siosiua Tohotoa

Principal Consultant
Siosiua Tohotoa, founder of Mana Consulting in 2005. He has been providing a wide range of professional services to businesses and individuals.
Siosiua has a BSc and an MBA from the University of Western Australia. He has also completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Migration Law from Murdoch University, Australia.

Dr Jenny Tohotoa

Senior Consultant
PhD, Curtin University, Australia

Mel Knight

BSc Psychology, University of Western Australia, Australia

Australian Visas

Spouse and Partner visa:
Partner (820/801) married, de facto, same-sex - apply onshore in Australia.

Partner (309/100) - lodge your partner visa application overseas.

Prospective Marriage (300) - bring your fiance to Australia and have your big wedding down under.

Other Family Visa:
Other family eg. New Zealand family visa 461 etc

Business visa:
Business (188)
These visas are aimed at business owners, investors, entrepreneurs or highly skilled business management people to help drive the Australian economy and contribute to the growth of the GDP.
If you are thinking of helping Australia in return for a great and safe lifestyle then take the first step now.
There is a number of different streams that you can explore so let us take you through those pathways.

Skill visa:
Temporary Skill Shortage (482); Skilled Independent (189), Skilled nominated (190), other Skilled regional visas (491 etc) and so forth.

From 1 July 2023, Kiwis on 444 special category visa (SCV) may apply directly to obtain Australian Citizenship - conditions applied.

EOI: submit an expression of interest through Skill Select below:
We have been helping people worldwide with their migration issues since 2009.

Please send us a message below or send an email from the 'Contact' area.

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For SKILLED/ Business applicants - please list your academic achievements (degree, diploma, certificate etc) or SPORT/ ENTERTAINER/ etc credentials
For SKILLED/ Business applicants - please list your work related experience or SPORT/ ENTERTAINER / etc credentials
You can select more than one Visa by holding down the Ctrl key.
Hit the 'Submit' button when ready, Thank you