Mana Consulting is a proud Australian private company that has provided clients from across a wide range of industries with unique business management solutions, project management services, health care, technical services, migration adviceand strategic guidance that improved business performance.

We focus onthe high end ofthe SMEs to large Corporationsenabling them to realise their dreams as well as achieving long-term sustainable profit growth. Businesses gain real success when they can take advantage of economies of scale to lower costs and extend market reach. Our focus is on providing unique strategies and solutions that expand sales, increase market share, and most importantly, advance profitability.

Our Directors

BSc, MSc, PhD (Curtin University)

Jenny has worked in the areas ofmental health in both the private and public sectors. She has extensive experience in health promotion and project management within the health sector.

She has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level and supervises research projects. Jenny has published a number of journal articles andbooks. She has also facilitatedworkshops, short courses, training and presenting in various seminars.

Jenny is available for consultation in any area of health care.

BSc, MBA (University of Western Australia)

Joehas specialist skills in strategic planning, business development and project valuation. His areas of expertise include small business management, general management, project management and migration law (MARN 0963746). He has gained years of experience in the manufacturing and service industries in Australia encompassing operations, technical services, training and business management consulting.

Hehas also completed the Graduate Certificate in Migration Law and Practice from Murdoch University.

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Mana Consulting is delighted to offer quality services. Visit our Services page to read more about them.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a proactive and innovative strategic solution provider.

Core Purpose

To help leading SMEs be more successful and prevent others from failing.

Our Mission

We will provide the highest level of strategic directions enabling businesses to be more successful. We are committed to satisfying our customers' needs better than the competition and our commitments go beyond satisfying them, we aim to delight them.