Some of our areas of expertise:

  Change Integration/Management

  Corporate Planning

  Knowledge Management


  Market - research, review, strategy

  Project Management

  HRM - management development & training, HR planning, Organisational Development

  IT - planning & review, project management

  Design - product development & design

  Business Process Re-design

  Office System Improvement

  New business start-ups - involves the evaluation of your success potential by pointing out the pitfalls that plague most new businesses and help your company leverage its strength

  New idea/product/service analysis - ideas are just that, ideas. The transition from concept to reality requires a form of expertise that not many of us have, it can be a daunting task. However, help is available...

We work with you to fully accomplish your project objectives and to your absolute satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in helping businesses to grow in scale and scope by developing 'critical success factors' and 'sustainable competitive advantage' that are unique to their company's distinctiveness which set them apart from the rest of their competitors.

Industry Areas 

 Construction: Building, Trade Services

Manufacturing: Food, Chemicals, Machinery & equipment, Electrical & electronic


Trading: Retail, Wholesale, Export/Import 

Other Services: Tourism & Hospitality, Real Estate & Development, Laboratory, e-Commerce, Non-Profit 

 Government: State, Local, Defence