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Struggling Striving Surviving - Living with Borderline Personality Disorder by Dr Jenny Tohotoa.


This book is dedicated to all those people who struggle with childhood abuse and betrayal and who continue to strive for autonomy.

The book was written for health professionals, people diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder (BPD) and for anyone who lives with or cares for someone with BPD.

It was written to enlighten health professionals and the general public to the 'lived' experience of BPD.  It is a reminder of the incredible strength and persistence people can muster in their struggle to survive.  It was also written to emphasise the need for greater empathy and sensitivity for people who have survived childhood abuse and betrayal.

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Jenny Tohotoa has worked as a nurse in mental health. Over the last 15 years, she specialised in the area of working with consumers who have a diagnosis of BPD, both as a nurse and a counsellor. During that time, she has observed an overt negativity from health professionals in the community and in both the public and private health sectors to people with BPD. Jenny believes people with BPD struggle to get their needs met within the current healthcare system and subsequently act out their frustrations, further alienating them from their caregivers. She supports short crisis admissions for stabilisation of acute suicidal ideation, followed up closely in the community with a key worker.

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