How We Work

If you're serious about your business why not try an initial "free of charge" meeting with Mana Consulting to identify your Company's business requirements, followed up by a written quotation and project proposal.

Consulting can be concluded with a:
- Final Formal Meeting;
- Formal Presentation or
- Written Report.

All information is treated confidentially.


Competitive rates are offered with a flexible structure to suit your business requirements:

Cost per hour
Ideal for unstructured issue management such as informal conversations with Managing Director/Owner-Manager to provide sounding board, outside experience and unbiased general business advice.

Project Management
Useful for defined projects requiring defined outcomes such as business diagnostic analysis, business plan, sales/marketing plan, transition/succession plan, growth/change strategy formulation, cash flow/breakeven analysis, risk/crisis/turnaround management analysis, mentoring programme, project evaluations, new product development, quality assurance system implementation and general project management.
Other projects may be related to Adjudication/ Contracts (payment claims) in the Building & Construction Industry.

Quarterly/Annual retainer
Suits a company needing ongoing ad hoc business advice such as change management, organisation structure, business analysis and customer/supplier reviews.