Project Management

Australian Institute of Project Management No. 12073 (MAIPM)

Evidence based practice suggest that up to 85% or more of projects fail to deliver their proposed outcomes.

Why do projects fail?
Steve Keys (Director of Primavera, cited in 'AIPM Project Manager', 2006) summed it up nicely when he said "The best software in the world is not going to help...unless you have the skilled staff to drive it..."

Our Solutions
We deliver the'outcomes', focus on what the client wants and use our capacity to harness people skills. We utilise Project Management techniques and software to effect the predated objectives and meet the time and cost restraints.

We tend to view project management from the perspectives of..."why do projects succeed?" as this is more powerful at creating positive environment not only for the project team but also key stakeholders and customers.

We are only too happy to discuss any stages of your project:
- Project initiation
- Planning/design
- Execution/production or
- Monitoring/controlling systems.

Previous Projects and Involvements
We operate in a vast range of the business spectrum, no project is too big or too small. We have involved in larged scale projects for large corporations such as Rio Tinto, BHP, Fonterra, to medium sized Engineering companies, Constructions, Government, Non-profit organisations to Sole traders and Home-based business operators.