Business & Strategic Planning

Planning, whether it be strategic, business or operational planning is an important managerial function.

We can help you with any types of Planning requirements to suit your business type. Our planning principles are appllicable to all businesses regardless of structure, size, revenue, industry or years in operation.

We can develop a plan from the ground up or review your existing one - the one in the filing cabinet!

Be assured, we will stimulate your thinking, mininise your effort and provide structure to the planning process.

  Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning process typically acts as a feasibility sieve where your strategies are either accepted or rejected on the basis of whether you can be precise about the 'how' as well as the 'what' of your plans:
- Are the milestones clear?
- Do we have the necessary skills and resources?
- How will the competitors react?
- Has the market been thoroughly researched?

  Business Plan

Business Plan is a management tool necessary for anyone who is serious enough about her or his business.

  Marketing Plan

With our Marketing Plan, we will ensure that your vision is flawlessly executed with a written document that clearly articulates the implementation plan.

  Pricing Plan

We will take the guesswork out of pricing with our Pricing Strategy by analysing the internal and external forces that affect your company's profitability and sales potential.

  Sales Plan

With our Sales Plan, we will develop a solid sales strategy and tactical plan to overcome shortfalls and eliminate missed opportunities. 

  Plan Review

Let us objectively review your existing plan for relevance and strategic fit.