Our Vision - To be recognised as a proactive and innovative strategic solution provider.

Core Purpose - To help leading SMEs be more successful and prevent others from failing.

Our Mission - We will provide the highest level of strategic directions enabling businesses to be more successful. We are committed to satisfying our customers' needs better than the competition and our commitments go beyond satisfying them, we aim to delight them.

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J. Smyth writes:
Thanks for the invaluable business advice. Its great to be able to call upon someone that understands our business and can advise us accordingly.

Dr I. Martinus, City of Wanneroo
Excellent work on strategy, it helps us refocus and get on with our strategic directions and long-range corporate planning. 

B. Thomas, Havencoast Pty Ltd
Mana Consulting has exceeded our expectations given the very short time available for market research...great presentations and professional reports...well done!

B. Thomas, NBE Pty Ltd
Thank you for the SBSB training sessions...have enjoyed and being challenged by the up to date business theories... would recommend the courses to Business Associations.

B. Matherson, Lunch Works Pty Ltd
It's hard to find good help these days, your professionalism and flexibility really helps